【無料で練習!】英語長文練習 Part 1(大学受験・高校生・英検対策)



The Smith family decided to embark on a cross-country road trip during their summer vacation. They packed their bags, loaded up the car, and set off early one morning, excited for the adventures that awaited them. Their first destination was the Grand Canyon, a natural wonder they had always dreamed of visiting.

After a day of driving, they arrived at the Grand Canyon National Park and were awestruck by the sheer size and beauty of the canyon. They spent the next few days hiking along the rim, taking in breathtaking views, and snapping countless photos to capture the memories.

From there, they continued their journey, stopping at various landmarks and attractions along the way. They visited the Hoover Dam, explored the vibrant streets of Las Vegas, and even took a detour to see the towering redwoods of California.

As they traveled, the Smith family grew closer, bonding over shared experiences and creating memories that would last a lifetime. They faced challenges, like getting lost on back roads and dealing with unexpected car trouble, but they always found a way to overcome them together.

Finally, after weeks on the road, they reached their last destination: the sunny beaches of Florida. They spent their final days lounging on the sand, swimming in the ocean, and reflecting on the incredible journey they had undertaken.

As they packed up their belongings for the trip home, the Smith family couldn’t help but feel grateful for the unforgettable summer they had shared together.


  1. When they arrived at their first destination, what did the Smith family do?
    A) Went shopping
    B) Went hiking along the rim of the Grand Canyon
    C) Visited a museum
    D) Went on a boat tour
  2. Among the places they visited, which one did the Smith family particularly enjoy?
    A) Yellowstone National Park
    B) Grand Canyon National Park
    C) Statue of Liberty
    D) Mount Rushmore
  3. What were some of the main challenges the Smith family faced during their travels?
    A) Finding good restaurants
    B) Dealing with extreme weather
    C) Getting lost on back roads and car trouble
    D) Language barrier with locals
  4. How did the Smith family spend their time at the final destination, the beaches of Florida?
    A) Skiing on the water
    B) Snowboarding
    C) Lounging on the sand and swimming in the ocean
    D) Camping in the forest near the beach
  5. How did the Smith family feel as they prepared to return home from their road trip?
    A) Anxious
    B) Frustrated
    C) Grateful
    D) Exhausted



  1. B) Went hiking along the rim of the Grand Canyon
  2. B) Grand Canyon National Park
  3. C) Getting lost on back roads and car trouble
  4. C) Lounging on the sand and swimming in the ocean
  5. C) Grateful








  1. 最初の目的地に到着したとき、スミス家は何をしましたか?
    A) 買い物に行った
    B) グランドキャニオンの縁をハイキングした
    C) 博物館を訪れた
    D) ボートツアーに行った
  2. スミス家が訪れた場所の中で、特に楽しんだのはどこでしたか?
    A) イエローストーン国立公園
    B) グランドキャニオン国立公園
    C) 自由の女神像
    D) マウントラッシュモア
  3. スミス家が旅行中に直面した主な課題は何でしたか?
    A) 良いレストランを見つけること
    B) 極端な天候に対処すること
    C) 裏道で迷子になり、車のトラブルに対処すること
    D) 現地の人々との言語の壁
  4. 最終目的地であるフロリダのビーチでは、スミス家はどのように過ごしましたか?
    A) 水上スキーをしていた
    B) スノーボードをしていた
    C) 砂浜でくつろいで海で泳いでいた
    D) ビーチ近くの森でキャンプをしていた
  5. ロードトリップから帰宅する準備をしているとき、スミス家はどのように感じていましたか?
    A) 不安だった
    B) 挫折した
    C) 感謝していた
    D) 疲れ果てていた


  1. embark – 乗り出す
  2. cross-country – 国を横断する
  3. sheer – 純粋な、まったくの
  4. awestruck – 驚嘆した
  5. breathtaking – 息をのむような
  6. vibrant – 活気のある
  7. detour – 迂回する、遠回りする
  8. towering – 高い、そびえ立つ
  9. bonding – 絆を深める
  10. overcome – 克服する
  11. gratitude – 感謝
  12. unforgettable – 忘れられない


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